AMAHI Ukuleles now available in Canada !

Amahi news

We are pleased to announce the addition of AMAHI Ukuleles to our distributed lines.

Amahi Ukuleles is a child of the parent company Amati’s Fine Instruments. Amati’s Fine Instruments has been producing high quality orchestral string instruments for 25 years. A few years ago, the decision was made to begin designing and producing high quality ukuleles that are as attractive to the eye as to the ear.

Amahi’s approach to ukulele design is similar to how Amati’s approach violin design. Each ukulele starts as a project of how to optimize the overall tonal and intonational properties as well as visual appeal and playability. Each design begins with first selecting the wood for its tonal properties and beauty. Binding is then selected for its function and improvement in the overall look of the ukulele. The fretboards on our intermediate and advanced ukulele lines are bound the same way a guitar fretboard is bound. This provides an overall wider fretboard which is more comfortable for hands of all sizes.

Our finest craftspeople professionally setup and adjust our ukuleles in Cincinnati prior to supplying our customers throughout North America. Amahi produces a complete range of ukuleles, from entry level soprano ukuleles with decorative designs to beautiful high-end ukuleles for professional musicians.