Hollyland now available at ADI

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We are pleased to announce our appointment as Canadian distributor of Hollyland products.

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Hollyland is a reputable and well established manufacturer of Wireless Video transmition systems and
wireless intercom systems. We are happy to have been chosen to bring you these exceptionnal products.

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Hollyland is one of the fastest-growing wireless technology companies in the global content production market. Since 2013, the brand has grown to be recognized as a leading provider of premium wireless products. Hollyland designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of high-performance wireless solutions. The product portfolio includes video transmission systems, monitors and wireless intercom systems that feature a compact design, high quality, reliable performance, and affordability.

Hollyland’s wireless products and solutions are widely used in various content production scenarios, such as studio production, on-location production, fast-growing house-of-worship market, video conference, and much more. Whether you are looking for a wireless video transmission product for a small-scale production team or a wireless intercom system for a medium- or large-scale production team, Hollyland’s market-savvy and product-knowledgeable sales and technical engineers can work with your local or regional reseller to offer the best possible solution to you.

For more information on Hollyland products, please visit: https://www.hollyland.com/

*Please note ADIpro.ca does not offer the Holyland wireless microphones.