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    RØDE – NTH100M / NTH-MIC

    Following the major success of the NTH-100s, we’re super excited to introduce the NTH-100M professional over-earheadset and standalone NTH-Mic headset microphone attachment for the NTH-100s. Find out more about the NTH-100M and NTH-Mic below: The NTH-100M combines the exceptional sonic performance and incredible comfort of the award-winning NTH-100 headphones with a high-quality headset microphone for media and broadcast, streaming and […]

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    Audio/Video & Mobile

    Meet the new LOUPEDECK LIVE S

    Imagine a world where you can… …impress your audience with flawless stream control …create content hassle-free at the of a tap of a button …manage your home office setup with one simple device. Now stop dreaming and start believing. Streaming. Simplified. You can focus on what really counts: Engaging your audience. Live S takes care […]

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    Audio/Video & Mobile, Professionnal Audio

    RØDE Announces the revolutionary VideoMicro II

    The VideoMicro II sets a new benchmark for ultra-compact on-camera shotgun microphones. Featuring our innovative annular line tube technology – first introduced with the NTG5 professional shotgun microphone, followed by the VideoMic NTG and VideoMic GO II – it delivers highly transparent and directional audio ideal for content creation and filmmaking applications, and with no batteries required and […]

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