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    Audio/Video & Mobile, Professionnal Audio

    Meet ACCSOON – the newest brand at ADI!

    We are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with ACCSOON, making us the official distributor of their cutting-edge technology and high-quality products in Canada! ACCSOON is renowned for its innovative and high-quality audio and video equipment, and we can’t wait to bring these top-notch products to our Canadian customers. Whether you’re a filmmaker, content creator, or AV […]

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    Audio/Video & Mobile, Professionnal Audio

    Discover YOLOLIV’s latest launch!

    Meet the go-to streaming controller companion for the YoloBox, with 15 LCD keys poised to trigger unlimited actions. One-touch tactile operation lets you start/end live stream, start recording, switch video source, add graphics, adjust audio, launch instant replay, adjust scoreboard and so much more, while visual feedback confirms your every command. Learn more

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    tiny2 lite launch
    Audio/Video & Mobile

    Discover OBSTBOT’s latest launch!

    Discover the new product launched from OBSBOT! TINY2 LITE Maintaining best-in-class image quality, OBSBOT’s Tiny2 Lite has now arrived at a worthy price, with industry-advanced Al features, and brand new productive Preset Modes. Experience a seamless journey with Tiny2 Lite. Your workflow will be more professional and productive than ever before.    

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