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Mackie releases the new THRASH 212 GO

Thrash212 GO is a full-size, battery-powered loudspeaker that combines the convenience of a Bluetooth speaker with the powerful, professional sound of a traditional PA. Take your music to new places thanks to a rechargeable battery system, Bluetooth streaming, and crystal-clear, high-output performance. Go off the grid, and take Mackie sound with you.

Audio/Video & Mobile, Musical Instruments, Professionnal Audio


The RØDECaster Duo is a compact, intuitive and incredibly powerful all-in-one audio production solution for podcasters and content creators. It features a wealth of inputs, including XLR, line-level, Bluetooth®, USB and a 3.5mm TRRS connection for headsets, plus an integrated Series IV 2.4GHz wireless receiver for connecting RØDE wireless microphones. Capture pristine audio thanks to […]

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The PODMIC USB is now available

The PodMic USB is an ultra-versatile, broadcast-grade dynamic microphone for podcasting, streaming and content creation. It offers the same incredible sound quality and compact yet rugged form factor as the best-selling PodMic, with a powerful new feature up its sleeve: XLR and USB connectivity. Fresh off the back of the release of the NT1 5th […]

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The Backpack is made from high-quality materials, including a soft, durable Alcantara® handle, ballistic nylon straps and water-resistant exterior, it is rugged and hard-wearing. It can accommodate the RØDECaster Pro or RØDECaster Pro II, plus microphones, studio arms and other accessories, as well as laptops up to 16 inches. Ergonomic adjustable shoulder straps with back and […]

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Meet MEDIA TANK from Angelbird

ROCK-SOLID STORAGE AND PROTECTION FOR YOUR MEMORY CARDS Media Tank SD  –  Media Tank CFast  –  Media Tank CFexpress Type B  SMART DESIGN MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE  Durable hard-aluminum case (dust, splash-resistant, shock, ESD, and x-ray proof) Precision-cut foam inserts for a firm hold and protection against scratching, bending, or breaking of sensitive memory card components Generous finger grooves for easy card access Lock-Solid™ locking […]

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The NT1 5th Generation is the latest evolution of our iconic, original studio microphone, the NT1.    First introduced in 1991, the NT1 started it all for RØDE and has since gone through multiple transformations, becoming the world’s best-selling studio condenser mic along the way. The NT1 5th Gen takes the much-loved and respected core of the NT1, and introduces […]

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Following the major success of the NTH-100s, we’re super excited to introduce the NTH-100M professional over-earheadset and standalone NTH-Mic headset microphone attachment for the NTH-100s. Find out more about the NTH-100M and NTH-Mic below: The NTH-100M combines the exceptional sonic performance and incredible comfort of the award-winning NTH-100 headphones with a high-quality headset microphone for media and broadcast, streaming and […]

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RØDE Announces the all new NT-USB+

Based on the legendary NT-USB, the NT-USB+ is a professional USB microphone with a host of next-generation features for today’s creators. This includes a studio-grade condenser capsule, upgraded circuitry featuring our ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp™, USB-C connectivity, internal DSP for advanced audio processing, and more. The NT-USB+ is a professional-grade USB microphone with next-generation features for recording […]

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The RØDECaster PRO II has been announced !

We’re incredibly excited to introduce a brand-new RØDE innovation that is going to completely revolutionise audio production for content creators: the RØDECaster Pro II.  The RØDECaster Pro II is a fully integrated audio production studio that has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate recording solution for any content creator, from streamers and gamers to musicians […]