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Discover the ZIO Analog Bass Preamp+DI from Source Audio!

Unleash the power of your bass! Introducing the ZIO Analog Bass Preamp+DI – where innovation meets tone perfection. This versatile preamp sounds amazing in front of an amplifier, seamlessly integrating into live performances through direct connection to a front-of-house mixer or recording interface via the balanced XLR Out. Key features Ultra-low noise and distortion preamp […]

2024-01 - Mackie New Products
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Check out the new products launched by Mackie!

Exciting News Unveiled: Mackie Launches 8 new products! Step into the future of audio excellence as Mackie proudly unveils its latest lineup of groundbreaking products, setting a new standard for audio technology. Elevate your audio experience with the introduction of five stellar additions to the Mackie family: the Showbox, the MobileMix, 3 new ProFX+ Edition, […]