Musical Instruments

New Guitar Strings from D’Angelico

A LEGENDARY PARTNERSHIP New York. 1938. John D’Angelico was already a living legend, renowned for his signature archtop guitars, while John D’Addario was a young kid trying to expand the family string business. Their chance meeting would result in the invention of the world’s first modern round wound electric guitar string, the zinc-coated Bethanized™ Steel. […]

Musical Instruments

Palmer Introduces a BETTER pedal board !

Lightweight variable Pedalboard with Protective Softcase 60cm Universal aluminium Pedalboard for the storage of all commercially available floor effects. The cross bars as well as the height and the tilt of the Pedalboard can be individually adjusted. The cross bars are already covered with Velcro (fleece), a sufficient amount of hook strap is also included. Power supplies and […]

Musical Instruments

The MT16 tracker has arrived

Meet the new MT-16 TRACKER, a 16 channel digital recorder that can record 16 tracks SIMULTANEOUSLY, for use with ANY mixer as well as all our JamHub systems Tracker MT16 lets you simultaneously record up to 16 channels from any mixer, JamHub studio, or instrument for easy capture and convenient post-production. Portable, affordable, and attractive! The […]