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2024-01 - Mackie New Products

Exciting News Unveiled: Mackie Launches 8 new products!

Step into the future of audio excellence as Mackie proudly unveils its latest lineup of groundbreaking products, setting a new standard for audio technology. Elevate your audio experience with the introduction of five stellar additions to the Mackie family: the Showbox, the MobileMix, 3 new ProFX+ Edition, DLZ Creator XS, and Mainstream.



ShowBox is THE All-In-One Performance Rig that combines everything you need for great perfomances (and streams!) into one portable system that’s easy to manage so you can focus on your music.

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MobileMix is the easiest way to get professional sound on the go for performances, lives streams, or live recordings – especially when the sound is sent to a mobile device or camera.

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3 new ProFX+ are now available for the 6-channel, 10-channel and 12-channel analog mixer and USB-C audio interface with powerful enhancements for studio-quality recordings and live streams.

ProFX6v3+ Learn more | ProFX10v3+ Learn more | ProFX12v3+ Learn more


DLZ | Creator XS is a compact, adaptive digital mixer for podcasting and streaming, featuring the Mix Agent™ virtual audio assistant technology, and AutoMix.

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MainStream is the All-In-One solution that streamlines your desktop setup by intergrating your game feed with your mic/headset, cameras, and other sources with programmable control keys.

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Embark on a journey of sonic innovation with Mackie’s latest releases! Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, these new products are poised to revolutionize the way you experience and create audio.