New ATOMOS Shogun


Shogun. Go Bigger, Go Further.

7-ich Fully Integrated Atomos Monitor-Recorder
As we engage with industry partners at IBC, we are excited to share with you more details for Shogun. With a 7-ich screen and 2000 nits brightness, Shogun allows filmmakers to keep their vision under control. The advanced suite of monitoring tools helps them capture the perfect shot, saving time and effortlessly achieving their creative vision.

Record without limitations. Complete Connectivity

Shogun features IN-OUT 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0 In & Out, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, AirGlu, and include an arsenal of codecs 6K Apple ProRes RAW, Apple ProRes, DNxHD as well as H.265. All included.

Superior Monitoring

Shogun includes comprehensive monitoring tools to help filmmakers get the perfect composition and exposure in every shot. The newly introduced AtomOS 11, operating within the Shogun system, offers filmmakers a range of new exclusive monitoring and recording features like RecordAssist/PlayBackAssist, Arri False Colour and EL Zone essential for today’s demanding productions. With Shogun, filmmakers improve their shots through accurate framing and check their exposure and focus on a clear, bright screen. Shogun takes care of the workflow while filmmakers focus on creative ideas.

Versatility and Power

Shogun is designed to be versatile and meet the requirements of today’s workflow. Atomos understands the value in being able to select the format, quality, resolution, frame rate, or file size that best suits the needs of any production. Shogun offers flexible options for industry standard formats and RAW codecs while also gives the possibility to take traditional workflows further with collaborative and connected workflows.

Atomos RemoteView for Shogun

Introduced with the new Ninja Series including Ninja and Ninja Ultra, Atomos RemoteView revolutionises wireless transmission. Shogun is capable of sharing its screen with any other Shogun/ Shogun Ultra / Shogun Connect / Ninja V Series / Ninja / Ninja Ultra with Atomos Connect device as well as with iPads, Macs and Apple TVs wirelessly in the same premises or anywhere in the world.


Key Features 

  1. 7-inch 2000nit monitor-recorder
  2. Capture in ProRes RAW up to 6K30p
  3. Flexible codec choice – ProRes RAW, ProRes, DNxHD & H.265 (HEVC) – all for free!
  4. New AtomOS 11 improves memory management, boosts responsivesness, and unleashes new features.
  5. New monitoring tools to arrange in advance recording and playback with RecordAssist and PlayBackAssist.
  6. Additionnal advanced industry leading suite of monitoring tools with one-touch operation like SegmentPro**, El Zone System, ARRI False color added in combination with other monitoring tools like Vectorscopes, Zebra, Atomos False Color, Onion Skin, etc.
  7. 12G SDI IN and OUT and HDMI IN and OUT
  8. Bi-directional HDMI – SDI input conversion with simultaneous SDI & HDMI outputs
  9. Long range ATOMOS AirGlu sync technology wireless timecode via RF and Bluetooth LE
  10. Connectivity to Atomos Cloud Studio gateway of services
  11. Publish directly from the cloud with 4K H.265 Camera to Cloud mode
  12. Faster and stronger connectivity with Wi-Fi 6
  13. 1GbE Ethernet for high-speed robust hardwired network connection
  14. Share what’s on your Atomos screen with other AtomOS11 users, as well as, iPads, Macs and Apple TVs wirelessly in the same premises or anywhere in the world with Atomos RemoteView*


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