Introducing Shinobi 7 – Atomos’ new 7” HDMI / SDI Monitor-only solution


We are proud to announce the newest addition to the Atomos product range – Shinobi 7, the perfect 7” HDR monitor that allows any content creator to have complete control over the image being captured.

Bigger and brighter than its 5-inch counterpart, the Shinobi 7 delivers next level display quality and control functionality to our monitor-only range. With 2200 Nits brightness, the potential for cross conversion and camera control, and all of the on-screen monitoring functionality the Atomos products are known for.

More than just a monitor

As well as delivering amazing image quality, Shinobi 7 incorporates a range of connectors to open up both cross conversion and camera control functionality, as well as dual battery slots to extend the run time.

Cross Conversion HDMI <=> SDI with Down convert:
1 x HDMI IN 2.0 supporting 4Kp60
1 x HDMI 2.0 OUT supporting 4Kp60
3G SDI IN/OUT supporting up to 2Kp60

Camera Control:
2.5 mm Remote jack supporting control of Z Cam E2 range (more to come soon)
USB & RJ45 ports built in for future support and control functionality

Innovate, not imitate

With Shinobi 7, we are pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve with a monitor-only solution, making it the best value product with this feature set on the market:

HDR & Daylight Viewable Display
1920 x 1200 16:10 
HDMI 2.0 4k DCI p60 
3G 2K DCI p60 construction
3 Year extended warranty
AtomOS & AtomHDR
Waveform, RGB, Histogram
Analysis Mode – multi-scope view
3D LUT – monitor & loop out
HDMI <=> SDI Cross Conversion
Camera Control with compatible cameras via Optional cables

Perfect For

Shinobi 7 marks the return of an SDI and HDMI monitor-only solution to the Atomos range, opening up the well-established Shinobi family to a wider target audience. :

As a director’s monitor for remote viewing
For ‘box cameras’ with no monitor, that record internally
As a larger on-camera monitor for live monitoring for influencers and Youtubers
For underwater filming
For focus pullers
For any outdoor filming
For existing Shinobi users looking for a larger monitor
For more information on the new Shinobi 7, please visit the Shinobi 7 product page