RØDE SC21 & SC22 now available


We are pleased to announce the launch date for the two handy accessory cables: SC21 and SC22!

The SC21 is a high-quality Lightning Accessory cable (Lightning to USB-C). It is a 30cm (11.8″) round cable perfect for connecting MFi certified USB-C microphones to apple devices.

Key Features:
High-quality Lightning to USB-C cable
30cm (11.8 in) long
Note – the SC21 can not be used to charge or sync an iOS device

The SC22 is a high-quality USB-C to USB-C cable perfect for connecting USB-C microphones to computers, tablets and mobile phones. It is also a 30cm (11.8″) round cable compatible with all RØDE products that have a USB-C connector.


Key Features:
High-quality USB-C to USB-C cable
30cm (11.8 in) long